Bear Eats Zebra

Bear Eats Zebra

The other day I was watching Man Vs Wild: Bear Eats

Wondering “what in *expletives* is Man Vs Wild??”? Relax and I’ll tell you. It’s a show (now canceled. *tear*) hosted by my idol, Bear Grylls. Bear, real name Edward, goes around the world to remote and dangerous places, showing the common folk (viewers) how to survive. Somewhat like Survivorman (if you heard of that show), only cooler. If you’re still confused, Google it.

So, Bear Eats is an episode that shows some of the things Bear has eaten over a season. This includes plants and places to find drinkable water. He also eats spiders, lizards, snakes, fish, camel fat, zebra (lion kill. Bear doesn’t actually hunt and kill a zebra), goat testicles, sheep eye and other things. I’m not squeamish, so watching him eat doesn’t phase me. I think most people would watch Bear devour such things and think “Man alive! That’s GROSS!”

What did I do? Well, halfway through the episode, while he was skinning a camel, I thought “hmm. I’m hungry” I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a snack

That’s my story. Where most people would probably lose their appetite, I ate

I really need to start telling some stories that have a point….


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