What’s Up With WhatsApp?

Hello all (I like to think people actually read this blog). I had downloaded WhatsApp a while ago and it never worked properly. I don’t have a data plan so I just chalked it up with to that

After months of it not sending/receiving msgs when it should, I gave up on it and proceeded to use good old reliable text msging. However, sometimes I didn’t get any replies. Now, I didn’t know if my friends just didn’t receive them or were too cheap to reply. I’m not criticizing my friends for being cheap. Hell, I do the same! Anyway, WhatsApp wasn’t working, so I stopped using it

Miraculously, it started working the past few days (knock on wood). Now I can send and receive all the msgs I want. I still don’t have data

Point of all this? No idea but let’s try this: good things come to those who wait


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