Kill ‘Em!

Last night I was Channel surfing and came across a news story about some dude’s stolen wheelchair. I missed most of the story, so I didn’t really get all the details. I thought it was just a normal wheelchair you can get from Walmart

This morning I read all about it and got the missing details. Turns out some donkey(s) decided it would be a bright idea to steal a motorized wheelchair. Idiot(s)

The guy they stole it from is Raymond Dell’Aera. He is a 25 year old Toronto man who has muscular dystrophy. Some retard(s) stole Raymond’s   $15 000 customized wheelchair from outside his friends house

We have all stolen something in our lives. It could be petty theft, such as a chocolate bar, or grand larceny, such as stealing a car, but somethings should never be stolen. Wheelchairs or anything belonging to a disabled person is one of those things. Honestly, what are you gonna do with a wheelchair? Sit in it? There’s countless benches in city parks. Go sit on them!

I really can’t understand what was going through the mind (assuming they/he/she had one) of the crook(s). Maybe it was a dare? Who knows? You need money? Go rob a bank! Who sees a wheelchair and thinks “hmm…I think I’ll steal that! The owner will be fine without it”. Some humans are REALLY stupid

Anyway, I think the person/people responsible for this should get a death sentence. Only reason they shouldn’t is if they stole it for a needy disabled person. If your reading this and you stole the wheelchair (it’s a long shot because you probably don’t have the ability to read and comprehend) you should promptly return it

Visit for more information or #helpraymond on Twitter

This is why I say I hate people


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