Book Review

I finished reading Mud, Sweat, and Tears by Bear Grylls. It’s an autobiography about Bear’s early life.

I was expecting great things from this book because Bear’s just so damn cool! I wasn’t disappointed at all. The book was great! I already knew a lot about Bear’s accomplishments so it was somewhat like reading a book you already knew the ending to. Still a great read since I learned some things I didn’t know. My review doesn’t do this book justice. Just go read it

This book isn’t going to win any literacy awards but that’s ok. I doubt Bear wrote it intending to do so. It’s written in an easy to read style. Almost like Bear was sitting there speaking to you about his life, instead of you reading a book

Mud, Sweat, and Tears is funny, sad and thrilling

It’s funny because you really get a sense of how mischievous he was as a kid and how he stood up for his friends and family. The guy beat up a fat, German kid who made fun of him, what more do you want? How about boating in the Thames river in a bathtub for charity…naked! You also get a sense that Bear has a strong self-respect and never waivers from his morals and values

It’s sad because of the people he has lost along the way. He honourers them and never forgot what they meant to him

It’s thrilling because of his SAS Selection, his Everest summit bid, among other stories

Enough of my dribble. The book is great and so is he. I give it 4.5 bananas out of 5 (I didn’t give 5 because there was a small amount of boring parts…and by “small amount” I mean a few pages here and there)


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