Once again I was working out and listening to the radio like any other day. A song that I don’t understand the lyrics to but somewhat like played for the third time. I always thought it was some reggae song because the singer sounded reggae like. The only words I could make out were “sexy baby (or lady)” and what I thought was “gangster style”. That being the “hook” or main verse

This morning, just before working out, I saw some post on Facebook for some song “gangnam style”. I’ve heard of this song before but the screen-shot looked pretty retarded so I didn’t bother listening to it. This morning was no different. However, I did search it and found out it was some hit song by some Korean guy named PSY

Anyway, I was working out and heard the mysterious “reggae” song and thought “Man, I should find out what this song’s called”. Not because I loved the song but because not knowing what was being said annoyed me

At that moment I had a revelation. Things started clicking in my head..Gangster Style?…Gangnam Style? Could it be??….Korean singer?….can’t understand lyrics? S*** f****! It’s that Gangnam Style song!!

I confirmed my suspicions after showering and eating (not at the same time). Now I’m part of the almost 300 million that have watched (well, I didn’t watch it in it’s entirety. Just a few seconds to figure out if it was the same song) that video on YouTube. FML


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