While I was working out, I was listening to the radio and heard an ad for some hardware store, think it was Lowes. They were advertising some garage door opener on sale. The guy said “….one half horsepower…”. It brought back horrible memories of math class. Fractions never really bothered me but I never understood why people said “one half” instead of just saying “half”. One half sounds like they mean 1 1/2. Why not just say “half”? 1/3 is a third or one third. 1/4 is a quarter or one fourth. WTF is this one half business?? It’s just utter stupidity. You don’t say “oh..I have one half a gas tank”. Normal people say HALF a tank

And while I’m on the topic of utter stupidity, consider this;

Mouse – Mice

Goose – Geese

Moose – Moose

Follow? Left side is singular and right is plural. Why is Moose not Meese? Makes sense, no?

Life is hard enough, why make it harder and more confusing? Many people struggle with English (even if it’s their first language)

I’m done ranting and raving for today but that’s what the unemployed do


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