Tegan and Sara

I got my hands on the complete works of Tegan and Sara a month or so ago and I absolutely love them! Most of their songs are great (I would say all their songs are great but the Sheldons of the world would say that’s statistically impossible). You may or may not of heard of them. They aren’t really mainstream artists. They are identical twin sisters from Calgary. Proof that Canada can produce great talent

Saying I listen to them on a daily basis means a lot coming from me because I’m notorious for losing interest in things quickly. A mild form of A.D.D if you will

I usually HATE live versions of any song and tend to steer clear of them. I just think they’re useless and sound crappier than the studio version. I held this belief until I heard live versions of Tegan and Sara songs. Simply amazing

If I had to choose my favourite album, I would have to say So Jealous. Simply because I like most of the songs and there are only one or two I don’t like. “Don’t like” is a relative term. I’d still gladly listen to these songs but I would rather listen to the others.

Of their 6 albums I like 4. Only ones I don’t like are their first two, Under Feet Like Ours and This Business of Art. I like If It Was You, So Jealous, The Con, and Sainthood. Not since Dido (Yes, I like Dido) have I liked whole albums

It’s hard to choose just a couple of my favourite Tegan and Sara tracks. My list would be very long, but give The Cure, Call It Off, and You Went Away a try. They also have a couple songs with Tiesto and Morgan Page. My ABSOLUTE favourite is Feel It In My Bones (Tiesto). Body Work and Video are also pretty good (Morgan Page). I’ve been listening to Feel It In My Bones for years and it’s still one of my favourites. I don’t know why I didn’t look into Tegan and Sara earlier

They just released a new single, Closer, which I like and are coming out with a new album, Hearthrob, in January 2013. Can’t wait to hear it!

I also got The Killers new album Battle Born. It’s ok

This video is just a bonus. Forward to 4:25 and watch. Never fails to make me laugh!




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