Old Treasures

Today I went through my old stuff. I found some old calendars that I kept. I guess you can say I collect calendars

I have calendars from 2000 to 2006 and 2009. Don’t know what happened to 2007 and 2008. I used to write down things like when I was working (to make sure I got paid properly) and when assignments were due or had tests…even some friends birthdays that I had trouble remembering

I think it’s pretty cool because it’s like a time capsule. You can go back and see what you had going in a particular week. I’m not crazy; I just like going back to things I’ve written in the past

For example, on September 29 2002 I was at work from 3-9. Do you know what you were doing on September 29 2002? Thought not! (Unless you have some crazy memory) I guess a diary would also do that, but I never kept a diary back then 


2 thoughts on “Old Treasures

    • I find it funny sometimes to read what trivial things you were worried/concerned about in the past. Funny how life always seems to give you something bigger to worry about

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