Van Gogh Ain’t Got Nuttin’ On Dis!

In one of my other posts I fancied myself an artist, so I decided to post some of my works of art. I took pictures of what I could find. And no folks, I didn’t take any professional art classes. The only arts class I took was martial arts. Feel free to contact me to purchase any of the following

Up first we have this beautiful Marvel Comics piece I did in high school. We have Magneto duelling it out with Wolverine. No, I didn’t get lazy and not colour it all. The assignment was to draw a picture that was black and white but also had colour. I hated using colour because I could never get the shading right. I found it much easier just using pencil. This drawing didn’t turn out too bad, although I think it would have been much better with no colour. I also used a new technique where I used an eraser to highlight the fog and mountains (after all, the moon was out). I probably could have done a better job with the moon…it’s not exactly round but that’s ok because judging by the mark I got, the teacher didn’t care

Next we have a drawing of a Suzuki GSXR 750. It could be a 600 but I’m pretty sure it’s a 750. This was from the days I owned a motorcycle. My first bike was an old Kawasaki Ninja 500. It didn’t look amazing but was perfect for learning on. I painted it flat black and would take it out at night on my street to practice (I was too scared/nervous to ride on streets with idiot drivers and cars). Slowly I got comfortable with it and rode it more often. I would spend hours just riding around and exploring. Only problem was it didn’t have a gas gauge, so I had to constantly visually check the gas tank.

One day I was going down a winding one lane road, think it was Sideroad 5 or 15th Sideroad. Some donkey in an Audi TT crossed the yellow line on a corner. To avoid hitting the car, I had to swerve onto the shoulder that was all gravel. Motorcycles and gravel don’t mix, especially at speed and while turning. My front tire slipped out from under me and I went down. I didn’t get hurt except for a nasty elbow  scrape (you could see the bone). A dude was behind me and pulled over to make sure I was ok. Thank you whoever you where.

My fun didn’t stop there. Much to the chagrin of my mom, I sold the Ninja and got a 2004 Suzuki SV650s. This one had a digital instrument panel and a gas gauge. Beautiful! I went on more explorations and spent weekends riding the hours away. On one trip, I somehow ended up in Burlington so I went to Burlington Beach. I had my fun and decided to sell my motorcycle. I just had no time to ride it. So ended another chapter in my life

This is my sad attempt at drawing a tree. I think I had just bought some new markers (like Sharpie) and was trying them out. Not much else to say about this picture…it’s a tree. I like trees. I used markers to draw it. I don’t know what I was trying to draw beside it. Maybe a building of sorts?

Finally, we have Conan. This drawing is a product of getting back into collecting comics. This picture was in a Conan comic. I liked it, so I drew it. The hair I did with marker, pencil crayon or charcoal. Pretty sure it was charcoal. I used to love going to Michales to get art stuff. I experimented with new mediums a lot. I put the picture in a frame because I put it up in my room. My mom didn’t like it because “he looked angry”. She made me take it down. It has now found a home in my closet.

That’s all the art for now. I used to draw and doodle quite a bit (you should see my school notes!). I remember drawing Tom Barrasso one weekend when I was just a youngin. Barrasso was a goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 90’s

Alas, my drawing days are over. My hand can barely hold a pencil now. I’d be lucky if I can draw a 2D box. This post wasn’t supposed to be this long. Sorry


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