It Happened On #7

Another It Happened On post for my loyal readers

It happened on October 4…the Soviet Union launches Sputnik. Americans reacted with dismay that the Soviets could get ahead of the supposedly technologically superior United States. The launch also created fear that the Soviets had gained the upper hand in the arms race

Democrats scorched the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower for allowing the United States to fall so far behind the communists. Eisenhower responded by speeding up the U.S. space program, which resulted in the launching of the satellite Exolorer 1 in 1958. The space race had begun

Also on October 4 1992, a Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed into an apartment building near an airport in Amsterdam, Holland. Four people aboard the plane and approximately 100 more in the apartment building lost their lives. This disaster was caused when the plane’s third and fourth engines caught fire and fell off the wing

As a special treat and trip down memory lane (if you’re old enough),

On October 4 1990, Beverly Hills 90210 debuts on Fox. The show turned its relatively unknown cast of actors, including Luke Perry, Jason Priestley and Tori Spelling into household names

Sadly, I think I remember the name of  the place the characters on 90210 hung out: The Peach Pit(t)


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