The Post That Couldn’t

I was thinking of doing the following post but got tired of it. Took way too much effort. I wrote all this and didn’t even use any of the lyrics I wanted to

Instead of deleting it and having it go to waste, I decided I’ll just post what I have. It’s good to be your own boss

I’m gonna try something new today. I’ll take lyrics from a song and make a short story out of it and I’ll leave it up to you to figure out the song and artist. I’m putting myself out there because it’ll look pretty sad if no one replies


Anyway, repeating verses and words will be ignored. I’ll try to keep the lyrics in order and not jump around. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”s, “Ahhhhhhhh”s, and the like may also be ignored. It’s simply not natural.


If for some reason you like my story from lyrics, send a request my way (English songs only, please). So, let’s get this party started…


Tom woke up to the vibrating of his cell phone and was a bit surprised. It was a text message from Lynn. Lynn was his girlfriend of 4 years. She always messaged him when she awoke. Tom loved this about her, except when she w0ke up early


They fought like every couple, but last night’s argument was their worst yet. It was so bad that Tom didn’t think Lynn would message him, let alone call him. He checked the message and all it read was “We need to talk”. What little excitement he had was gone. He knew it was bad news.

“Ah crap! I love this girl. I don’t want to lose her” Tom thought


He dialled her number and they agreed to meet at a Second Cup in an hour. Tom was supposed to play soccer with his roommate Joe, but Joe understood this was more important

“Thanks bro!” yelled Tom as he ran out the door

“No problem! Remember what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!” Joe yelled back


As Lynn drove to Second Cup she was battling herself, trying to figure out what to do about Tom. She was tired of fighting, but loved Tom at the same time and didn’t want to lose him. Back at home she came up with an ultimatum for Tom but now as she drove to meet him, was having second thoughts about it

“I won’t regret saying this thing” Lynn told herself

She thought to herself  “Is it better than keeping my mouth shut? Now’s not the time to think if this was the thing to do”


Lynn pulled up to the coffee shop. This was it. No turning back


That’s all I had. The lyrics would make their appearance soon


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