This Little Piggy Didn’t Go To The Market

Few days ago, I accidently kicked my mom’s vase. I’m not crazy and go kicking random things (Although some people do deserve a nice drop kick)

I was getting off the couch, when I started to lose my balance. With cat-like reflexes, my right leg shot out and I simultaneously grabbed onto a pillar. *Bam!* My foot ended up kicking the vase but the pillar and my reflexes saved me from a treacherous fall to the ground (See crime scene photo)

The vase was unscathed and didn’t break. It survived my lethal kick

There was a tremendously loud bang and everyone in the house came to investigate. Nothing was broken or damaged, so everyone dispersed and went back to whatever they were doing

Little did I know my poor pinky toe was injured. It hurt to walk but after a thorough self examination, I determined it wasn’t broken, which was my main concern

The next morning, my pinky was a little swollen and the surrounding area was bruised. I toiled on throughout the day. Trying to work out probably was not the brightest idea

As the days wore on, my pinky got better but I still can’t put my full weight on it. Today it got me thinking “What purpose does the pinky serve?” Turns out it has no real purpose

The pinky helps with lateral equilibrium (side to side balance) but the body can adapt if it’s amputated. Basically you’ll be fine once your body gets used to it



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