It’s fall. For some people, the arrival of fall means they can whip out their boots, scarves and sweaters. Turkey, turkey left overs for weeks to come, and Haloween also make the list

I loved biking in the fall. Although all those leafs on the trail make for a somewhat treacherous ride because you can’t exactly see what’s under them. If the leafs are wet, say goodbye to traction. I also loved going for hikes

Now I enjoy fall drives. It lets me enjoy all the nice colours without having to worry about driving. I went in 2010 and 2011 (Kinda. We drove to Mono Cliffs)

This year I bought my sister flowers and asked if we could go on another fall drive. She went berserk, screamed `No!’ and attacked me. Out of nowhere, she drop kicked me right in the mouth. I flew back from the force of the unexpected kick and landed on our glass coffee table. After painstakingly removing shards of glass, I decided not to ask her again


*Some of the above events may or may not have occurred*


5 thoughts on “Fall

  1. ummm who are you talking about??? Nobody bought flowers and nobody screamed “no”. And what do you mean by “kinda”? We went for a stroll in Mono Hills which is better than a drive.

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