Guest Writer

Here we have a special post: a  guest writer! Exciting!

I figured instead of just reading my rants, I’d freshen things up and get some new thoughts on here

I didn’t edit anything-just a straight copy and paste. This better not get a like…

Hi, I’m Lina. Amandeep asked me to be a guest writer and said I could write about anything, so I’m going to write about Dinero, my dog.


He is a brown Chihuahua and I named him Dinero because he cost me a lot of money. I love Dinero because he’s so cute and has a zest for life! He has limitless energy and follows me around my house and he always cheers me up. Amandeep called him a “rodent”. So insensitive :p


That’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading!


Thank you Lina for that exhilarating post

Seriously, this better not get any likes

P.S- I didn’t call Dinero a rodent. I was telling you about when I got chased by a Chihuahua and called IT a rodent


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