Increasing Frequency

I have an iPod. Not something to brag about since it seems like every Joe has one, and it’s an iPod Nano (1st generation). I don’t own anything else Apple. I like PC.

“Get to the f***ing point already!!”

This is the fifth time I have charged it in the last few months. That’s quite often for me. I’ve probably charged it 10 times since I bought it, which was years ago-before 2006. I don’t really listen to music except when I work out (use Playbook or the radio) or when I used to drive. So what caused this fluctuation in charging? Tegan and Sara!

Since adding them to my iPod, I basically fall asleep to their songs every night. If I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, I listen to them. I probably have heard their songs like 50 times over but still come back for more. When I start driving again, guess what’s going to playing!

I was going to title this post Tegan and Sara but I already used that title earlier. To keep things new, fresh and interesting, I had to come up with a new title


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