Retro ‘Toons

Cartoons. Who doesn’t like them? I still watch some. I like to keep up with Arthur and see the crazy antics of Spongebob and Patrick

I’d watch cartoons all day when I was young and I miss some of them. I’m not talking about the one’s everyone watched, like He-Man and ThunderCats. I’m talking about the unsung heroes. The one’s that seemed like no one watched as much as me

Ever hear of Untalkative Bunny? It was a wicked cartoon on Teletoon in the early 2000’s. It was about a bunny that never said a word. How cool is that?? The show followed this bunny as he/she (the gender was never revealed) went about trying to live in a city. The bunny never talked so all communication was through facial expressions and body language. I LOVED this show!

Ohh-eee-a TaleSpin, Ohh-eee-ohh TaleSpin….That’s from the theme song. TaleSpin was another favourite.  The characters were based on The Jungle Book, Baloo being the main character. Baloo was a pilot and flew around with his side-kick, Kit Cloudkicker. I don’t remember the exact premise of the show but it was centered around flying. I also vaguely remember pirates and Shere Khan

Finally there was Gargoyles. Another wicked cartoon! Goliath was the main character and also my favourite. It was a somewhat dark cartoon with dark tones. It was a lot different from the normal comedic, colourful cartoons people come to expect. In this cartoon, the Gargoyles are now in present time (mid 1900’s) New York. When the sunrises, they turn to stone, no matter where they are-making them vulnerable (someone can just smash them and they die. At sunset they come alive and kick ass! Just watch an episode or two if you get the chance-YouTube probably has some episodes

So there’s a small list of the somewhat obscure cartoon’s I watched. I urge you to look these up on YouTube

Nowadays people take cartoons too seriously. People need to relax and realize IT’S A CARTOON!! Too many people get their shorts in a knot saying certain cartoon characters portray homosexual tendencies or other nonsense. Relax


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