Books. Why do people read or buy them? Why not just hit the local library?  Some read because they actually enjoy reading while others read to escape the rigours of day to day life. Interestingly, teenagers and young adults are reading less for fun. At the same time, reading scores among those who read less are declining, and employers are proclaiming workers are deficient in basic reading comprehension skills

I personally like to read. I would rather read a good book than watch TV or a movie.  I would have called myself an avid reader a few years ago because I read almost every night before going to sleep. I liked to read because it helped me forget about the idiots at work. I stopped reading because I went back to school, and my time was used/wasted reading textbooks

As you can see, my library card has seen better days. I moved from one city to another so the library people wouldn’t let me take out any books. I got a library card to one of the main branches in the new city, but it was junk. The place was small and had none of the books I wanted. My library going days ended there

I have bought many books over the years and have read most of them. Some I’ve tried reading but were just too crappy to finish while others I just didn’t get time to read. One book I cut a compartment in to hide money. But why buy

My Bookshelf

books? Once you read one chances are you’re not going to read it again. There have only been a few books that I’ve read more than once. Maybe people buy books just for the sake of owning them and having the ability to read it whenever they want. Maybe others buy books to look smart


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