I’m thinking of buying a Heart & Stroke Calendar Lottery ticket

I don’t buy lottery tickets so maybe that’s why I’m not rich. Actually that’s a lie. At my last job we used to pool money together and buy a ticket every week. Our numbers never came up. It was kind of hard not to contribute to the pool because I thought “What if they win? They’ll all quit and I’ll feel stupid and regret not contributing. It’s only $2” If you’ve ever been asked to pool for a lottery you know what I’m talking about-unless you’re extremely frugal

I’ve wanted to buy the Princess Margret Hospital Lottery tickets but at $100 each, it’s a little steep for my bank account. I wished they were cheaper. I got my wish

Each ticket is only $25. They have 3 daily prizes, 52 weekly prizes, 12 monthly prizes, 12 holiday prizes, and 2000 $25 prizes each month. Not too shabby. There aren’t any houses, cottages, or cars to be won like the Princess Margret lottery-just cash. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers

The odds are worse than the other lottery, but oh well. I’m not buying the tickets in hopes of winning the big one even though it’d help tremendously

The stars are all aligned; my wish came true for a lower price and I recently got a cheque for $78 from the government. I’m supposed to be saving but with the government cheque, it’s like a free ticket AND it’s for a good cause AND I get a 2013 calendar! Win, win situation


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