I was extremely bored this morning so I started channel surfing when I came across The Walking Dead

I’ve seen commercials for this show and heard about it before but never watched an episode until today. Maybe because the PS3 game stank up the joint, but today I decided to give it another chance. I liked what I saw and now want to watch from season 1. The episode opened with a bunch of zombies fighting over something dead (I missed some of the show but presume it was a human since there was lots of blood). Another mob of zombies was trying to get the people inside a tank (see picture above). That was all I needed to see

I rather enjoy shows/movies about zombies or post-apocalyptic events (if done properly). I loved 28 days later and 28 weeks later (which reminds me I have them so I’ll watch them later. Thank you me for reminding me)

As I type this post, I’m working on getting season 1 episode 1. Why waste time getting all the episodes? If I like it, I’ll get more. I’m sensible like that


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