Guest Writer #2 Continued

Here’s another report from Barmuda. It came in last night but sleep was knocking at my door

So this was my last day in Bermuda since I’m flying out tomorrow afternoon. I have realized I cannot do the island life for too long because I am so used to having so many options in Toronto. It’s great for a few days but in the end I miss my big malls, cultural shows and variety of restaurants. However, one thing I love about islands is the beautiful beaches! It was another cloudy day here but I ventured out to Coco Beach (adjacent to Elbow Beach) in mid-afternoon when I ran out of things to do. You can only walk up and down Hamilton’s Front St. so many times (in my case once) without getting bored. I don’t like to shop on my vacations and Front St. is geared towards shoppers.

And I couldn’t leave Bermuda without visiting a beach at least once. I lay in the sun/clouds for almost 2 hours listening to the waves before I had to catch the last shuttle back to my hotel. My other motive for going to the beach was to get a sample of the sand and water for my brother. It didn’t look at all weird taking my water bottle and filling it with some water from the Atlantic Ocean. The things you do for family!


Water and sand are free. I’m trying to save your money. Besides, I asked for grass from Ireland and you didn’t get me any. Just to clarify,by grass I mean grass, not drugs

And who takes a picture of the beach in portrait? Only reason is if the sun or moon are there. Should be landscape only


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