It Happened On #21

Today’s edition of It Happened On is specal because there are four enteries. History was busy today

It happened on October 18 1867…The American flag flew for the first time in Alaska, marking the formal transfer of this massive northern territory from Russia to the United States

William H. Seward, President Andrew Johnson’s secretary of state, arranged the purchase of Alaska. He agreed to pay $7.2 million for about 591,000 square miles of land. It was twice the size of Texas and equal to nearly a fifth of the continental United States. That’s less than 2¢ an acre

 Also on October 18 1931, Thomas Edison died. He is famous for inventing the light bulb, set up the world’s first power plant in New York City, invented the alkaline battery, the first electric railroad, and a bunch of other things

Also on October 18 1851, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick was first published

Also on October 18 1968, John Lennon and Yoko Ono are arrested for drug possession. Only days earlier, an announcement was made that Ono was pregnant, creating a scandal because both Lennon and Ono were still married to other people. Her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage a few days after the arrest

I wasn’t aware that Alaska belonged to Russia. If you convert the purchase price to today’s dollars, it’s about $109 billion


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