Day at The Mall

I was with a small group (about 3-4 people) running to a mall. Once we got in, people started coming from everywhere and attacking us. My group left to find cover, and I was left alone. I had a baseball bat in my hands and began swinging it at their heads. That’s all I remember

That’s all I remember from my dream. I assume the people attacking me were zombies or “walkers”. Should probably stop watching The Walking Dead. It wasn’t really a nightmare – more like a startling dream

Once breakfast was consumed, I thought “Why can’t I remember my dream?”. Like the nerd I am, I looked it up

According to Scientific America, everyone dreams at least 5 times a night. Some have little or no memory of their dreams

Now for why we can’t remember them, which is really an unknown. Dreams are a result of your synapses firing randomly and then getting filtered and processed. It is very different from the process of observation that leads to storage in long term memory

Basically, when you sleep, your brain cycles through everything you’ve experienced and thought about randomly. Your brain knows that these things aren’t real and meaningful, and so doesn’t bother to store them

There are a lot more theories on this subject but I just picked one


2 thoughts on “Day at The Mall

  1. See, zombies even attack when you’re sleeping!! 😛 Hey, at least you didn’t dream about 2 of the One Direction boys and have an INTEREST in one of them!! My daughter loves the band and talks of nothing else AND her walls are covered in them. I woke up feeling very weird from that one. That was two nights ago…Lol

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