Fall Drive

Went on a little fall drive this past weekend with my sister and now I will share some pictures I took. Pictures are not that great because they were taken from inside the car and the windows were filthy. You can blame my sister for not cleaning the windows. It was her car

This is when the annual drive just started. The excitement was building even more so as we took the on-ramp to the highway (2nd picture). The 3rd picture is of the highway and off to the left is a part of Kelso Park. The cliff you see is the Niagara Escarpment





We stopped and got out just after the lights at Cambellville Pond. This picture is supposed to show all the motorcyclists congregated at the gas station. The 2nd picture is of the Pond. The 3rd and 4th pictures are just random shots of the area. We didn’t sit in the gazebo


A random field. Wish I could run around and frolic in it


A winding, steep, narrow road. It was especially narrow around the bends. Only one car could get through as a time. I remember almost killing myself because I was in the wrong gear trying to go up back in my motorcycling days. Fun



A nice Porsche I took a picture of


Some person’s house. They obviously like Halloween



A barn I wanted to go into to make sure the farmer wasn’t hiding zombies in (people who watch The Walking Dead will understand). Is it still considered a barn even if it’s not red?


That’s it. We drove around, saw trees, got lost, and bought apple pie. What else do you want?

P.S- I’m aware the formatting is a little wonky. I’ll try and fix it later


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