3 Types Of People You May Meet At The Gas Station

Roll up to any gas station and there will likely be 3 different types of people. I’m not talking in terms of race, gender or size. No. I’m talking about groups of people in terms of how they purchase gas. I’m sure everyone has a legitimate reason for purchasing gas the way they do. This is just an observation

1. Petrol patrol – these are the people the having buying gas down to a science. They gather information about gas prices and figure out when’s the best time to buy gas. They might even go from gas station to gas station looking for the best price. The Petrol Patrol may even drive absurd distances to get gas if they know it’s cheap at a specific location. They might even get upset if they falter and purchase gas before it drops in price. No one likes to waste money, but really? Upset over gas? There’s not much of a savings. Assuming you’re filling up because you need gas, you’ll probably need gas the next day. Gas prices don’t change much day to day, but let’s assume one day it’s 126.5/L and the next day it drops to 120.0/L. This is an extreme drop that’s not likely to happen. Let’s also assume your gas tank is 65L (that’s the average size for mid to full size cars). Now the math: the difference is $0.065; you have a 65L tank; you over-spend by about $4.23. Less than $5! I’m pretty sure you’re not going declare bankruptcy over $4.23. Relax!

2. Patrol Portioners – these are the people that never fill’er up. They put in $10, $20 or whatever amount. I understand if you do it once or so because that’s all you have or you’re just trying to have enough to make it somewhere. But if you fill up every week, know you’ll use it, or know the prices will drop significantly the next day, why not just fill up? Why make multiple trips to the gas station, unless you like the smell of gasoline. Fill’er up and be done with it!

3. People Who Just Don’t Care – As the name suggests, these are the people who can’t be bothered by fluctuating gas prices and fill up. I tried to come up with a cleaver name for this group but all I could think of was “ignorant”. I didn’t want to use that because it kind of says they’re uneducated. Anyway, these people fill up when they need to. They don’t really care what the price is and whether the price will drop tomorrow. They see gas as a need and not really a want and minor price changes aren’t of their concern. They also may be rich

The purpose of this post was not to offend anyone. It was simply an observation and post idea. Please refrain from sending me death threats via email. Thank you


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