It Happened On #28

Today’s edition of It Happened On is a short one. Not much to say

It happened on October 25 1881… Pablo Picasso is born in Malaga, Spain

Also on October 25 2002, Irish-born actor Richard Harris, whose career spanned six decades and included starring roles in films ranging from Camelot to the Harry Potter series, dies of cancer at age 72 in London

I didn’t know who this Harris guy was. He played Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter. I don’t read or watch Harry Potter. I guess this week we learned the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh



3 thoughts on “It Happened On #28

    • Well, I hear he was a great actor even before Dumbledore

      I only watched 1 Harry Potter movie. I believe it was the last one. The whole movie, I thought the guys name was “Snake”. Later I found out it was “Snape”

      • I’m sure he was a good actor, but I never saw him before HP. I can’t believe you saw the last one and no others! That wouldn’t be enjoyable to watch alone AT ALL!! You must think the whole series is no good, right? *I would* if I’d only seen the last one! The first 4 movies were the best IMO, full of storyline and character-building. The last 4 were necessary but pretty dark, and not as entertaining.

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