I forgot to post a picture of my moustache when I shaved this week. Silly me!

I trimmed the stache a bit and shaved. Since tomorrow is December 1st and November will be a distant memory, I will shave it all off – back to clean shaven!

I have learned that my complaining about having to shave so often is unfounded. Just because I am of Indian descent, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a hairy beast. There is no carpet on my back and people don’t say “take off that sweater” when I take my shirt off

As you can see by the pictures, I grew a pretty pitiful moustache. I won’t complain about the frequency of needing to shave again

P.S – I’m not wearing the same shirt in week 3 and end. Just the same colour


It Happened On #63

Here’s to the beginning to a great weekend *cheers*

I thought today’s It Happened On should have a theme. That theme is women

It happened on November 30 1989…Richard Mallory is last seen taking a ride with Aileen Wuornos. The following day, his car was found abandoned in a remote area of a beach. Nearly two weeks later, his body turned up in a Daytona Beach junkyard with three bullets in his chest. Mallory’s murder was the first of seven committed by Aileen Wuornos over the next year. Perhaps because she was one of the few women killers to gain widespread fame and notoriety, she was inaccurately dubbed “America’s first female serial killer.” Her case was heavily publicized through television talk show appearances and a documentary

Wuornos had been the victim of abuse and neglect herself. Her parents split before she was born and her father, who had been arrested for child molesting, killed himself while awaiting trial in a mental institution. When her mother abandoned her at a young age, Aileen was sent to live with her grandparents. But she was kicked out of their home when she got pregnant at age 14. From 1974 to 1976, Wuornos operated under several aliases and amassed an arrest record for offenses including drunk driving, assault, and armed robbery. In 1986, she became romantically and criminally involved with a woman named Tyria Moore

Also on November 30 1954, the first modern instance of a meteorite striking a human being occurs at Sylacauga, Alabama, when a meteorite crashes through the roof of a house and into a living room, bounces off a radio, and strikes a woman on the hip. The victim, Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges, was sleeping on a couch at the time of impact. The space rock was a sulfide meteorite weighing 8.5 pounds and measuring seven inches in length. Mrs. Hodges was not permanently injured but suffered a nasty bruise along her hip and leg

In 1911, a dog in Egypt was killed by the Nakhla meteorite

The real first female serial killer is Lavinia Fisher. She was born in 1793 and killed via death penalty in 1820. Little is known about her

You go girls!

Lost And Found

After our visit to the ROM, my friend Lisa and I decided to rent a Car2Go

Car2Go is like a car rental company except they don’t have physical rental offices. You find the car (a Smart Car) at parking lots throughout the city and just swipe your membership card to get in. You drive it to wherever you need to go, park it at any parking lot, and swipe out. Parking is free and there is a gas card in the car. It costs $0.38 per minute

Anyway, she dropped me home and went to a friend’s birthday party. At home I noticed I couldn’t find my phone. I just figured I dropped it in my friend’s car like many times before – besides, what do I need a phone for? I have no friends

So I ate dinner and helped my sister put up the Christmas tree. After that was done, I emailed my friend to let her know what was going on with the phone and went to bed

My friend got my email and messaged my sister

To make a long story short, my friend left the party to come back to my place to pick me up, drove back to where we parked the car and retrieved my phone. This all happened around midnight. According to MapQuest that’s more than an 80km round trip

She was trying to save gas that day – didn’t work out so well

New Co-Author

My friend, Rizwan, decided he wanted to be able to post on my page. I obliged

I made him a new category and page entitled Rizwan Speaks, but I think I’ll delete the page. We’ll see. His ideas, thoughts, and topics do not necessarily reflect mine, so don’t send me angry emails

Judging by his first post, he’s going to be writing about technology. I’m gonna help him out by asking a tech question:

Hey Rizwan,

How does the Internet work?


It Happened On #62

Today I’m back to my normal posting time. Not busy today but I do plan on playing Hitman Contracts today so I’ll be out of the office for most of today

It happened on November 29 1942…coffee joins the list of items rationed in the United States. Despite record coffee production in Latin American countries, the growing demand for the bean from both military and civilian sources, and the demands placed on shipping, which was needed for other purposes, required the limiting of its availability

Scarcity or shortages were rarely the reason for rationing during the war. Rationing was generally employed for two reasons: (1) to guarantee a fair distribution of resources and foodstuffs to all citizens; and (2) to give priority to military use for certain raw materials, given the present emergency

Some items came off the rationing list early; coffee was released as early as July 1943, but sugar was rationed until June 1947

Also on November 29 1967, Robert S. McNamara announces that he will resign as Secretary of Defence and will become president of the World Bank

Formerly the president of Ford Motor Company, McNamara had served as Secretary of Defence under 2 presidents. He initially supported U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and encouraged President Johnson to escalate in 1964, but he later began privately to question U.S. policy and eventually advocated a negotiated settlement to the war. In the summer of 1967, he helped draft the San Antonio formula, a peace proposal offering to end the U.S. bombing of the north and asking North Vietnam to join in productive discussions. The North Vietnamese rejected the proposal in October

Early in November, McNamara submitted a memorandum to Johnson recommending that the United States freeze its troop levels, cease the bombing of the north, and turn over responsibility for fighting the ground war to the South Vietnamese. Johnson rejected these recommendations outright. McNamara subsequently resigned

hello world

Hello world is usually geek speak for launching compute code on a machine. I just got authoring privaledges on Deeps blog. This blog post brought to you via the wordpress app on my playbook!

I am happy to drop some nerd knowledge on those who seek it!

Vegetable Lasagna

I was a busy bee today. I tried my luck at vegetable lasagna today. I hate anything vegetable.  I’m usually a carnivore but for religious reasons we couldn’t eat meat today – oh the horror! The other choice was kidney beans and rice – I think people in jail get better meals

Anyway, it took me the better part of the day to make it but it turned out pretty good. And by pretty good I mean the BEST vegetable dish I ever concocted. It did have its flaws but nonetheless good. Next time I should use less Ricotta (ended up using a whole tub – 450 or so grams), more salt, and more Mozzarella. Obviously I took pictures for you to enjoy

It Happened On #61

Sorry for the late post. I hope all my valued readers don’t mind such a late post – better late than never, right? It was a busy morning that carried through to afternoon

It happened on November 28 1964…President Lyndon Johnson’s top advisers–Maxwell Taylor, Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, and other members of the National Security Council–agree to recommend that the president adopt a plan for a two-stage escalation of the bombing of North Vietnam

The purpose of this bombing was three-fold: to boost South Vietnamese morale, to cut down infiltration of Communist troops from the north, and to force Hanoi to stop its support of the insurgency in South Vietnam. The bombing campaign, code-named Rolling Thunder, began in March 1965 and lasted through October 1968

Also on November 28 1979, a New Zealander sightseeing plane traveling over Antarctica crashes, killing all 257 people on board, on this day in 1979. It was the worst airplane accident in New Zealand’s history

So Far So Good

My mom’s been in India for exactly a week today. Her absence has brought on some much needed freedom. But her absence also means the primary cooker (along with other things) is also gone

Sunday lunch consisted of burnt bacon, eggs (which I don’t like to begin with), and banana pancakes. The only thing I liked was the pancakes. They were also the only thing that was limited. Only one was allotted per person

Sunday night, my sisters decided to try and make pizza for the first time. One made a perogie pizza (like at Boston Pizza) and the other made a regular one

The perogie pizza was actually pretty good. The crust was good along with the actual pizza. I liked the potato base along with the ham and pepperoni.

It Happened On #60

Me has a sickly feeling snow is on its way. It’s probably a good thing because Christmas is less than a month away. You can’t have Christmas without snow – it’s just not the same

On with the important stuff; It Happened On #60

It happened on November 27 1970…Bruce Lee is born.  Lee had died on July 20 1973, in Hong Kong, after suffering a brain edema believed to be caused by an adverse reaction to a pain medication

Also on November 27 2005, Aerosmith and 50 Cent headline at a $10 million bar mitzvah

The father who spent $10 million celebrating his daughter’s coming-of-age was defence contractor David H. Brooks, CEO of DHB Industries, a Long Island company that manufactured body armour for the United States military. Two years after the lavish event, Brooks was served with a 71-page federal indictment featuring charges of insider trading, tax evasion and raiding his company’s coffers for personal gain—including for the $10 million he used to pay for his daughter’s lavish bat mitzvah

Wish I had a $10 million party. Actually, I’d just take the cash – forget the party