It Happened On #35

Yet another edition of It Happened On. Like a bad cold, you just can’t get rid of it

It happened on November 1 1512… The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, one of Italian artist Michelangelo’s finest works, is exhibited to the public for the first time

After demonstrating his mastery of sculpture in such works as the Pieta (1498) and David(1504), he was called to Rome in 1508 to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel—the chief consecrated space in the Vatican.

 In 1512, Michelangelo completed the work.

Also on November 1 1999, (not sure of the exact date but was in 1999) a group of young men in Adelaide, Australia came up with the name Movember and the idea of growing moustaches for charity during the month of November at a pub. It started as a bet to see who could grow the best moustache. The group started with 80 men and aimed to raise money for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

In 2004, an unrelated group in Melbourne, Australia organized an event where 30 men would grow a moustache for 30 days in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men. This group would later become the Movember Foundation charity

The Movember Foundation was co-founded by Luke Slattery, Travis Garone, Adam Garone and Justin Coghlan

I decided that I will grow a moustache this month and am taking donations for the cause. I don’t know how the actual donations work so I’m still working on that. There are actually rules for Movember

  1. Once registered at each mo bro must begin the 1st of Movember with a clean shaven face (did that except for the registering part)
  2. For the entire month of November each mo bro must grow and groom a moustache (will do that-like the grooming part)
  3. There is to be no joining of the mo to one’s sideburns. That’s considered a beard (don’t like side burns and why would anyone attach a moustache to their sideburns)
  4. There is to be no joining of the handlebars to one’s chin. That’s considered a goatee. (don’t like facial hair so don’t think this will be a problem)
  5. Each mo bro must conduct himself like a true country gentleman (does that mean I have to buy a horse?)

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