Weekend (miss)Adventures

This past Sunday I spent most of the day with a friend and was promised a Salmon dinner. The following events actually took place and have not been embellished

The session began with a trip to a local Best Buy. I really don’t know why we went. My friend wanted the iPad Mini, but we both knew they didn’t have any in stock because we checked the website the night before (by the way her name is Lisa – had to state her name because saying “my friend” doesn’t sit well with hert). She might have thought they were going to get a magical Saturday night delivery. Anyway, shockingly they didn’t have any in stock so she resorted to looking at the display model. The sales lady was always close by in case we decided to steal the display model. We’re both brown. Our people bargain. We don’t take part in thievery. After that I went to the games section to check out Need for Speed Most Wanted. Lisa went off and found some Michael Jackson game for the Wii. She bought it

After Best Buy, we watched a couple episodes of The Walking Dead and had some apple raisin cake she made. She had made it before with icing, but I liked the icingless version better. It being chilled overnight tasted even better (she gave me a piece to take home and I ate it the next day). I don’t know how she makes it, but I suspect it’s not too healthy because there was a greasy/buttery residue left on the sandwich bag she put it in. Maybe that’s why it’s moist. Either way, it was good

Next up was Monopoly. I never played it before but, of course, had heard of it and knew the basic idea behind it. I took a reckless spender approach. Whenever I had any money, I bought whatever I could and just hoped for the best. At one point I had to mortgage most of my properties to pay Lisa rent. The only reason I mortgaged was because I refused to file for bankruptcy. We played and I won – with $37 to my name. Luck was on my side that night

Dinner was next. She pulled the “Salmon” from her freezer. I looked at the package and it said “Pollock Fillets”. Wow was all I could say. The menu changed from Salmon to Pollock. Then excitedly she said she’d make me a mango shake. She has always told me about how she makes a mean mango shake. Disappointment #2. It was like eating yogurt through a straw with a hint of mango. I was expecting something similar to the mango shakes I used to get in India. Maybe my expectations were too high. Then came the home made “garlic bread”, which was really just toast with oregano. At least the cake was good

After dinner, we watched The Devil Inside and The Fourth Kind. The Devil Inside was ok. Kind of happy I didn’t pay to see it in theatres. The Forth Kind was better

After the movies, I went home


2 thoughts on “Weekend (miss)Adventures

  1. I love the line, “We don’t take part in thievery.” LOL Apple raisin cake sounds good! And you’d NEVER played Monopoly before?! Well, now you have, anyway, and you’re a winner, no less! 😉 Did you visit India or you actually lived there? I bet it’s beautiful there, isn’t it?

    • The cake was good. Maybe I’ll get her to post the recipe

      I was just visiting. It was decent and took time getting used to. I stayed in a village so it wasn’t that nice there. I recently went for my sister’s wedding in December and I was glad to be back in Canada where you can heat your home

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