It Happened On #43

I think I’m starting to lose interest in my It Happened On series but my goal is to have 100, so until then…

It happened on November 10 1969…Sesame Street makes its broadcast debut .With its memorable theme song (“Can you tell me how to get/How to get to Sesame Street”) went on to become the most widely viewed children’s program in the world. It has aired in more than 120 countries. The show was the brainchild of Joan Ganz Cooney. Sesame Stree” was set in a fictional New York neighbourhood and included ethnically diverse characters and positive social messages

The subjects tackled by “Sesame Street” have evolved with the times. In 2002, the South African version of the program, “Takalani Sesame,” introduced a 5-year-old Muppet character named Kami who is HIV-positive, in order to help children living with the stigma of a disease that has reached epidemic proportions. In 2006, a new Muppet, Abby Cadabby, made her debut and was positioned as the show’s first female star character, in an effort to encourage diversity and provide a strong role model for girls

Since its inception, over 74 million Americans have watched Sesame Street.  Today, an estimated 8 million people tune in to the show each week in the U.S. alone.

Also on November 10 1964, at a news conference, Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara says that the United States has no plans to send combat troops into Vietnam. When asked whether the United States intended to increase its activities in Vietnam, he replied, “Wait and see.” By 1969, more than 500,000 American troops were in South Vietnam

Also on November 10 1970, for the first time in five years, no U.S. combat fatalities in Southeast Asia are reported for the previous week. This was a direct result of President Richard Nixon’s Vietnamization program, whereby the responsibility for the war was slowly shifted from U.S. combat forces to the South Vietnamese. This effort began in 1969 and was accompanied by U.S. troop withdrawals that began in the fall of that year. Although American casualties were down, U.S. forces were still involved in significant combat operations at this time

Sesame Street is/was great. It taught millions of kids how to count and the alphabet


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