Since I don’t have an “About” page, I decided to compile a list of 103 things I like. Most people do a top 100 or 101 list but since I like to think I’m above average, I did 103. This is not a comprehensive list. Just things from the top of my head. It’s also not in order, so it doesn’t mean #100 is more or less liked than #99. #1 is in the #1 spot for a reason though. It’s my top like and the wish/dream I hope to realize



103 Things I Like

103 Arriving just as your favourite song ends on the radio – This applies when listening to the radio. Your favourite song comes on and you start rocking it out. When you arrive at your destination the song ends right then. Perfect timing
102 Hitting A/C walls on a hot day – It’s hot and humid outside. Just walking makes you sweat buckets. You walk into a store and as the doors open, you’re hit with a blast of cold air from the A/C. Refreshing!
101 Bodies of water – Lakes, ponds, rivers, and even oceans. Still bodies of water are serene. The sound of waves or lapping water is relaxing
100 Smell just after it starts to rain – You know, that wet cement smell. Another great free thing in life
99 Getting the extra fries from bottom of bag – Getting these fries makes you feel special. It’s as though you get extra fries. It’s even better when you didn’t order fries but your friend did
98 Finding out the thing you were going to buy is on sale – Walking into a store to find the pants you were determined to get on sale is a beautiful thing. You save money AND you get the pants!
97 Finishing a book – Finish reading a book and it feels good. Doesn’t matter if you think “that was great!” or “man, that f&^*’n sucked!!” Either way you’re done reading it and can now join a book club and say you’ve read it
96 Getting lost in the woods – It’s happened to me before and it was getting dark. If you find your way out, it feels great, if not, Godspeed
95 Camping – I went for the first time this past summer. It was fun but it wasn’t what I expected. It was too easy and the camp site was too clear. I was expecting to be in the woods with a machete, clearing the bush to make a campsite
94 Exploring new places – As a kid, I would try to get lost on my bike and find my way home. I still find it exhilarating to find a path I haven’t explored
93 Smell of Crayons – Pop open a fresh box of crayons and sniff. It’s euphoric
92 Smell of a Bakery – The place I worked used to bake fresh breads in the deli and it smelled great. Any bakery smells great
91 Card games – I only know a select few and play them over and over. Crazy 8’s and President are my favourite
90 Bubble wrap – Love popping them. I usually go for the single pop instead of wringing it and popping multiple at a time. It’s original purpose was textured wallpaper.  Great toy for kids too – just made sure they don’t eat it
89 Autumn – It’s perfect weather: not too cold or hot. Plus all the colours!
88 The other side of the pillow – Can’t fall asleep in the middle of the night? Try flipping the pillow over. It’s usually cooler (and dryer if you drool). Just nice and comfortable
87 Smell of gasoline – I don’t sit there sniffing gasoline, but I do like the smell. At a gas station or filling up the lawnmower
86 Thunderstorms – When it’s storming outside, I’m usually sitting outside watching the storm. There’s something about the rain and lightning that draws me
85 Art – I like artwork and sculptures. I don’t stand there figuring out the meaning of the piece or what the artist was trying to convey. I just look. I tend to like The Group of Seven
84 My mountain bike shorts – I love my mountain bike shorts. They have lots of pockets, like cargo shorts, and fit just right. They’re not too long so they don’t get hung on the seat while moving around, and they aren’t too short so they don’t look like short shorts
83 Mayday – A show on the Discovery Channel about plane crashes. It reconstructs the accident and at the end tells what happened
82 Sarcasm – I use it all the time. How else are you going to insult idiots without them realizing it?
81 Angus beef – There are different cuts of beef and I have yet to taste any Angus I didn’t like. McDonalds Angus beef burgers are scrumptious
80 Meat lovers’ pizzas – Yum! Pepperoni, ham, sausage, and gound beef. *drool*
79 General knowledge shows – Shows like Cash Cab and Repo Games. Jepordy’s just too hard
78 Hockey – Love playing and watching it
77 Any Government cheque – When you’re not expecting one, it’s like winning money. Those GST cheques are great too because you usually forget about them
76 Tax Refunds – It’s what makes doing your income taxes fun and exciting
75 Summer – Ice cream, T-Shirts, parks, outdoors. What’s not to like?
74 Memories – Good and even bad because if you’re still alive, it means you survived it. PTSD isn’t cool though. I believe who you are depends on your experiences
73 2 peanuts walking down a street and one’s assaulted – A friend told me this in high school and I like it. You get it?
72 Cauliflower – It’s kinda like broccoli but no need to zap or worry about green things stuck in your teeth
71 Broccoli – Tastes great without Cheez Whiz. Zap it in the microwave for a few seconds and it’s perfect. The microwave makes the broccoli stem soft. Only bad thing is sometimes you get green things stuck in your teeth
70 Mushrooms – Not drugs. Actual mushrooms. Great alone or with somethingy
69 Betsy – My beloved. I don’t regret getting Betsy at all. Betsy was my 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona RT. She was a 4 door muscle car packing a 5.7L, 350hp HEMI under the hood. Beautiful. It was great because other drivers would just switch lanes. I felt like Moses. I named her Betsy because I was leaving work one night and Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes was playing. The same day I had just put on snow tires….new pair of shoes…Betty Lou…Betsy! I miss her…
68 Spongebob Squarepants – He’s sponge that wears pants! A friend gave me a chocolate spongebob but I never ate it
67 Weekends – I used to work every weekend so I never got to enjoy them. Now I don’t work, and they’re great. Weekends usually mean yummy dinners and doing next to nothing
66 Shopping for houses/condos – Though I don’t own any, I like going to model homes and all the paperwork the builders give. I especially like floorplans
65 Swiss Chalet Fries – I don’t go often, but I like the fries and dipping sauce
64 White Chocolate Cheesecake from Milestones – Almost always save room for this when I go there. A friend got me a WHOLE cheesecake one time. I ate it all and probably gained a few pounds in the process
63 Boston Cream Donuts – My donut of choice. Cream filled or custard, it doesn’t matter
62 Shooter Games – I like most Tom Clancy games. I like trying to play stealth and sometimes I like the run and gun. I realize it’s just a game and know gunning down humans is wrong (even if they deserve it)
61 Playstation – Other than Nintendo, I’ve never owned another gaming system. I had Playstation 1, 2, and 3. I’ve played XBOX but don’t like the controller
60 Educational Shows – Yes, educational shows. I like shows that teach me something or one of those “How It’s Made” shows
59 Discovery Channel – My go to channel when nothing’s on. Always something interesting on
58 Wolverine – Has always been my favourite. He has a bad attitude and says/does what he wants. Plus he’s Canadian to boot
57 Punisher – Same as above applies. I loved the Marvel Max series written by Garth Ennis
56 Batman – Batman is cool because he’s dark and mysterious. Under all his gadgets, he’s just a normal man. He isn’t immortal. That’s the best part
55 Dido – Yes, I’m a male and like Dido. She’s a musician and I love most of her songs. My favourite is Take My Hand
54 Full Metal Jacket – A movie based on the Vietnam War. Great movie. Sgt. Hartman was the best
53 Platoon – Another movie based on Vietnam. Like the story
52 Apocalypse Now – Yet another movie based in Vietnam War. I think that’s why I like it. That and Marlon Brando’s in it
51 Vietnam War – I don’t know why but I like anything that has to do with Vietnam War. Don’t show as much interest in other wars. I think I like it because the fighting took place in the forest/woods/jungle
50 Muscle cars – Love the sound and looks. Always wanted a GTO Judge
49 My watches – 2 Tissot’s, a Timex and Casio. Still working on the Rolex
48 Cartoons – It’s good to just sit back and turn your brain off once in a while. I just found a new cartoon a couple days ago called Adventure Time
47 Comedies – This applies to movies (although it’s kind of a waste of money to see them in theatres), TV, and comedy clubs. I like Just for Laughs and Just for Laugh Gags
46 Laughter – No matter what, laughter is always good. I like laughing and making others laugh
45 Books – Did I mention I like books? I think they’re better than TV
44 Amazon.ca – I like cheap books and getting stuff in the mail
43 Chapters – I like books so I like Chapters. I enjoy looking at new books and magazines. I also enjoy reading children’s books and finding books I’ve read as a child
42 Internet – Contains the answers to all your questions
41 Stella Artois – My beer of choice even though most taste the same
40 White wine – I’m not huge on Red wines but I like White wines
39 Good excuse to get dirty – “Sorry mom. Was working on the car”
38 Outdoors – Anything outdoors I like
37 Old Spice – I’ve tried other deodorants but always come back to Old Spice. It smells good and works great. Why change?
36 Water – My drink of choice. It goes with almost anything (except greasy food) and is good for you. The world is about 70% water and the human body is up to 60% water, so drink up!
35 Being right – Who doesn’t, right?
34 Winning – Same as above
33 Money – I rather enjoy having a roof over my head, clothes to wear and food to eat. Money may not buy you happiness, but you still need it
32 Vanilla ice cream – Plain, simple, and goes with anything. I used to make cookie ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookie. Chunks Ahoy are recommended
31 Horror/scary movies – I like being scared but very few movies scare me. The only one that remotely scared me was Paranormal Activity. I also like action movies
30 Blogging – New to it but I like it. Gives me something to do every day and I can post whatever I like, no clearance needed from a boss
29 Chicken – Give me chicken anything (white meat) and I’m happy
28 Photography – I don’t take pictures of people and don’t like my picture taken. I like taking nature pictures
27 Cookies – My favourite is white chocolate macadamia nut but I’ll eat any. I don’t discriminate
26 Monkeys – They’re just so cool. I saw some wild ones in India
25 Bananas -I like all things banana-drinks, yogurt, smoothies, banana bread, and milkshakes. I eat a banana a day. It’s fast, simple, and tasty. I also slice some up for my peanut butter sandwiches.
24 Judge Judy – I love watching not only because I like to laugh at the stupidity of the people on the show but also at what Judge Judy says or does. Very comedic
23 Wildlife shows – I pretty much watch any wildlife show out there. Planet Earth and Frozen Planet were the best
22 The Big Bang Theory – I like this show mainly because the interactions with Sheldon. BAZINGA!
21 Seinfeld – The show about nothing. I never watched a single episode when it was new but started watching years after and loved it. It’s one of those shows you can watch over and over and over…
20 The Walking Dead – I just recently started watching this show and I’m hooked! Season 3 just started so check it out!
19 Driving – Some people hate driving but I love it. Guess it makes sense since I love cars. In high school I’d grab my friend and drive around aimlessly, sometimes ending up in downtown Toronto and grab a sausage from a street vendor. Going on a road trip? I was the person to call
18 Music – I like music but I don’t listen all the time. I only listen when working out, driving, or before sleeping. 1 CD of my favourite songs will last me for a year or so. Some of my favourites are Rookie-Boy Sets Fire, Everchanging- Rise Against, 18 Candels-The Sessions, Take My Hand-Dido and others- too many to list
17 Mountain Biking – My passion. I would go biking at least once a week and be gone for a couple hours. Every time I had a spare moment, I’d be on my bike. I love biking and everything about it, except road biking-I find it boring. I have 2 bikes, Alexis and Alexandra. These aren’t your cheap department store bikes. I found those only lasted me a couple seasons-they couldn’t handle the abuse. I watched mountain biking videos and had a subscription to 2 magazines. It didn’t matter how many times I fell off (happened about every time I went out) or got injured, I couldn’t wait to jump back on
16 Beats By Dr. Dre headphones – Sound quality is great! I also have a pair of Skullcandy’s but the Beats are much better. The ones I have are the white Studio’s. They were a gift. I personally wouldn’t pay $300+ for headphones
15 Chili’s – I tried it for the first time in Banff. The boneless wings are amazing! One opened up in Vaughan so I go there. I mainly order Big Mouth Bites
14 Pizza hut – The crust is what makes Pizza Hut kick ass! Hands down the best pizza
13 Burger king chicken sandwich – The bread is pure yum! I usually ask to add onions and tomatoes. Drool…
12 Reese puffs cereal – It’s like having Reese Cups for breakfast but healthier. I used to like Honey Bunches of Oats but I think I had it too often and just got bored of it
11 Reese peanut butter cups – The best combination of peanut butter and chocolate. I like chocolate and peanut butter. What’s not to like?
10 Working out – Cardio or weights, I like them both. I find it relaxing and I like gym pain
9 Sleep – I don’t believe in naps so when I sleep, let me be. I hate being woken up. Currently I’m trying to figure out how to rig up my bedroom door to play Don’t Wake Me Up by Chris Brown when it’s opened
8 Being alone – Who doesn’t like being alone sometimes? I’ll admit, I probably like it more than the normal person. Do as what you want, come and go as you please, and not have people asking stupid questions. Heavenly
7 Walks – Not long walks on the beach. I don’t especially like beaches. Just general walks around the neighbourhood, or hikes. I especially enjoy walking in winter, while it’s snowing-it’s just remarkably quiet
6 Cars – The way they sound, look and everything about them. My favourite is the Aston Martin DB9 and I love the sound of muscle cars, Mustangs (nothing beats the sound of a 5.0) or just about any American V8
5 Reading – Books, Wheels section, blogs, magazines, web sites…I read it all! If it floats my boat, I’ll read it. Weird cause in high school I hated it
4 Bear Grylls – The host of Man vs Wild and all around cool guy. I’d love to meet him
3 Man vs Wild – Great show but is sadly cancelled
2 Tegan And Sara – Just started listening to them and I love their work! I’m excitedly waiting for their new album, Heartrob, which comes out in January 2013
1 BC – My obsession with British Columbia started with a trip to Banff, Alberta. My eyes were opened to western Canada. I loved everything about it and wished the flight back home would be cancelled. I never have been to BC but want to go BADLY. It has the Whistler Bike Park, which is like the Mecca for mountain bikers, the Rookies, and is just the place to be if you like the outdoors. I’ve narrowed it down to Kelowna or Kamloops as a place to nest. I would have picked Victoria or Vancouver Island but the cost of living is higher there

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  1. Oh, and I love Seinfeld (and Frasier too!) but have never seen The Big Bang Theory, though my sister has been telling me how I need to for a long time. I will eventually!

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