It Happened On #46

Welcome to the Diwali edition of It Happened On. I tried to find out when the first ever Diwali was celebrated but can’t seem to find a specific date. All I could find is “Ancient times.” That doesn’t help. Anyway, I’m going to post some information about this festival for those who think I just made up the word Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali is popularly known as the “festival of lights.” It’s celebrated by different religions in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad &Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji

Devotees of the sikh faith celebrate Diwali between the end of October and the middle of November, the celebration of Diwali is celebrated by sikhs because it rejoices the time when the sixth sikh guru, Guru Hargobind singh was released from his imprisonment. The Sikh Diwali consists of many differentiated practises such as the reading of the Sikh Holy Scripture the Guru Granth sahib at the holiest sikh shrine Amritsar in the Punjab regions of India. Sikh families all get together to share a Vegetarian meal to give respect to animals and man alike. To make the crescendo of the joyous festival of lights fireworks are released into the air which represnts freedom

In Punjabi, the Diwali greeting is tuhanu diwali diyan boht boht vadhaiyan. That basically translates to “best wishes to you on diwali.”

I also learned something new from this post. All I really knew was that it’s the festival of lights

It happened on November 13 1982… Near the end of a weeklong national salute to Americans who served in the Vietnam War, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington after a march to its site by thousands of veterans of the conflict. The long-awaited memorial was a simple V-shaped black-granite wall inscribed with the names of the 57,939 Americans who died in the conflict, arranged in order of death, not rank, as was common in other memorials

Also on November 13 1981, Canadarm, Canada’s most famous robotic and technological achievement, made its space debut on the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-2). The design and building of the arm, also known as the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System, marked the beginning of Canada’s close collaboration with NASA in human space flight–a sterling example of successful international cooperation in space

Yay Canada!


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