104th Like: Best Buy

I pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 from Best Buy back in May/June. I never pre-ordered a game before but I wanted the 800 Reward Points Best Buy offered

I was expecting to see a charge of $59.99+tax, but it was $49.99+tax. I must have forgotten it was $10 off. Excellent! Aside from saving some money without realizing it, I received it in the mail yesterday. That’s superb, considering it was released yesterday. Talk about fast shipping! I think Best Buy deserves a spot on my Like List

Bad news is I was checking bestbuy.ca to see if Need For Speed: Most Wanted was on sale. It wasn’t, but in the process of checking the price, I now also want Dishonored and maybe Hitman: Absolution. I say maybe because I have Hitman: Contracts for PS2 and didn’t like it but that’s because I couldn’t get past level 1 since I didn’t know what was going on and what to do. I’ll play it and see what I think. Anyway, that’s over $200 with tax for those 3 games! I’m hoping the holiday season will bring a price drop. It’s a good thing I can be patient


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