My mom is going away for a couple weeks. She does all the cooking so her absence will be most felt during meal time. She’s leaving her offspring and husband to fend for themselves. I think the husband will have the most difficulty adjusting

Point is I don’t want to suffer from food poising and/or malnutrition. I need some tried, tested, and true recipes for boneless skinless chicken breasts or any dinner ideas. I’ve cooked chicken breasts them before but have troubles keeping them moist and juicy. Any tricks besides using a thermometer?

Any recipes you swear by?


14 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. The size makes a difference. I find that if they are too thick they don’t cook evenly, so the outside is DONE and the inside isn’t, so you have to keep cooking, making it overcooked on the outside. :/ Try for thinner sliced meat to cook more evenly. As far as recipes go, try because they go by ratings and there are tons of comments, and really-how can you go wrong when a recipe has 4.5 stars (out of 5) by 677 people?! Or whatever, just an example. You get the point. I’ve never been steered wrong there. Try here:

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