Behind The Times

My sister took me to Toys R Us today and bought me Monopoly. It was on sale for 50% off.  Guess what I’m doing this weekend! Hopefully my other sister will play (she hates playing with me because I take too long)

I also noticed that kids these day have A LOT of toys to choose from, most being pointless. Who needs a remote control rat? I also saw a toy paint set. Just give them a real brush and paint and let them help you paint!


17 thoughts on “Behind The Times

      • My son and I played tonight (he’s been asking me for days!) and he was the car – he usually is. So he drove around while I hopped as the shoe. 🙂 He beat me horribly. He made his poor mama bankrupt by owning all three of the yellow places. Of course I landed on one and had to pay a crazy high amount! Ha And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back…Oh! I literally laughed out loud about your sister thinking the dog was a donkey!!

      • I played last night with my sister. I was the car and she was the boot. We played until midnight when I went bankrupt, having most of my properties mortgaged and having to pay her $800+. My downfall was her Monopoly on the railroads

      • Ha! I never buy the railroads; none of my family does, actually! They just sit there (the railroads, I mean). Well, you and I are losers…oh well.

      • It’s on! It’ll be like those people that played Chess by sending their moves using the postal service (but faster because of the internet). No cheating ie. no stealing money from the bank or any other funny business. We can post our dice rolls and where we land…all on wordpress for everyone to see!

        Which version do you have? I have the original

        P.S. I’m not joking about playing, so don’t toy with me

      • Do people really play chess like that – through the mail?! That would be wild! Well, how would we talk? Some kind of instant messaging? I’d have to play a timed game (like an hour or so) because I’d have to play once the littles go to bed. 😉 I have the original.

      • I was actually thinking maybe a weekend day would be better, if my husband is home, so he can hang with the baby. If I try to play at night he (the baby) might wake and want to nurse and my husband is not lactating so I’d have to pause our game and that wouldn’t be cool! So, what if I just try to leave a comment on a Sat or Sun on your page and if you are free, we play? 🙂

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