Black Friday

I was channel surfing this evening and there was a story about Black Friday. Today is November 18. Black Friday is November 23. People are starting to line up now. 5 days before it starts. Why?

I went shopping early once for Boxing Day. Stood in line braving the cold and had the whole “shopping experience”. I can’t understand why people enjoy this. If you ask me, it’s all stupidness. People become animals, clawing and biting their way to whatever’s on sale and too save what? 50%? On top of the wild, stampeding crowd, each store only has a limited quantity, which makes the crowd even more hostile

Say you lined up, lost sleep, and found the item you wanted. Now, you have to fight crazy people like the one in the photo above. It’s not worth all the trouble unless something is free. I’m not talking about free samples here. I’m talking about free 50” Plasma TV’s. Plus you can probably buy whatever you want online


2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Woah that person in the photo is pretty crazy. I think the sales are over rated and most of what is being sold is not even close to 50% off. The problem is that every time there is a sale through out the year people say, oh we will just get it on boxing day but in reality the boxing day sale price from a regular sale price there is very little difference and is it really worth your time?

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