2 Weeks Of Freedom


That’s a sigh of relief

My mom’s leaving today for India which means semi-independence while she’s gone! Pretty excited about this new found freedom!

This may make me sound like a monster but it’s nice to have a little break – it’s only for 2 weeks

My mom means well, but I like my independence and when I don’t get it, I get quite annoyed. It’s also something I can’t negotiate on. She can be over-bearing at times so this will be a nice and much needed break. This will be the first time in a LONG time (2+yrs) that I’ll finally be mom-free for an extended period of time

No more ridiculous curfews, interrogations, or being treated like I can’t take care of myself. Actually, my sister’s will be around so I’ll probably still be treated like a baby but it’s one less person – I’ll take what I can get


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