Forget The Black Card, There’s A New Sheriff In Town!

Kazakhstan has announced a bank, Sbrebank, plans to issue a credit card made entirely out of solid gold, pearls and diamonds. Who cares about the American Express Black Card anymore?

Kazakhstan’s Sberbank has dubbed their new card the “Visa Infinite Exclusive Card”. In addition to being made entirely out of pure gold, the card will be decorated with 26 diamonds and mother of pearl. The lucky card holder will also be granted many exclusive privileges such as  access to the world’s best airport lounges, a free iPhone5, an exclusive Montblonc card holder, 24 hour concierge service and, oddly, a premium health and life insurance policy worth $250,000

Want one? The card comes with a onetime upfront cost of$100,000 plus a $2000 annual fee. Of the $100,000 upfront cost, $65,000 covers the cost of actually making the card and the remaining $35,000 goes to your first balance. My Visa has a $6000 limit. You also better move quickly because Sberbank is only planning to offer the card to 100 customers

Now when you’re at dinner with a friend and they pull out the Black Card, you can scoff at them and bust out your Visa Infinite Exclusive Card


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