Pre-Lunch Rush

Since I woke up early, didn’t exercise, and was bored, I washed the dishes and cleaned the stove top

The sink was starting to fill up so I selflessly decided to wash them before the lunch rush. I just played some Tegan and Sara and went to town on the dishes. I decided washing plates is the easiest and cups/mugs are the worst. My dad insists on using these long and narrow mugs. I hate them because my hand doesn’t fit in them and I can’t reach the bottom. I also encountered a pot with burnt milk on the bottom. It’s still sitting in the sink peacefully. From past experiences, I didn’t even attempt it, but I did fill it with hot water and soap – someone else can deal with it. I also decided Tegan and Sara are great musicians, but I already knew that

After my triumph over the dishes, I turned my attention to the stove top. I used a product called “Wisemans Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish”. It did a great job polishing but lagged in the cleaning department. I think if you clean the cooktop with something else first, then use Wisemans, the results would be better

After the cooktop, I sprayed my watch down with Fabreze. My watch has a fabric strap and was emitting a funky odour because it gets wet when I wash my hands. You know that funky smell fabrics get when they get wet and dry naturally? That was the smell

It’s been a productive morning and I realize this post is pretty much pointless but, oh well. It’s my blog


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