Lost And Found

After our visit to the ROM, my friend Lisa and I decided to rent a Car2Go

Car2Go is like a car rental company except they don’t have physical rental offices. You find the car (a Smart Car) at parking lots throughout the city and just swipe your membership card to get in. You drive it to wherever you need to go, park it at any parking lot, and swipe out. Parking is free and there is a gas card in the car. It costs $0.38 per minute

Anyway, she dropped me home and went to a friend’s birthday party. At home I noticed I couldn’t find my phone. I just figured I dropped it in my friend’s car like many times before – besides, what do I need a phone for? I have no friends

So I ate dinner and helped my sister put up the Christmas tree. After that was done, I emailed my friend to let her know what was going on with the phone and went to bed

My friend got my email and messaged my sister

To make a long story short, my friend left the party to come back to my place to pick me up, drove back to where we parked the car and retrieved my phone. This all happened around midnight. According to MapQuest that’s more than an 80km round trip

She was trying to save gas that day – didn’t work out so well


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