3 Hours of Monopoly

On Sunday I played Monopoly against my sister. I think we started at 4pm and ended at 7pm. We took a break to make dinner. I always seem to have long games against her and short ones against others

Half way through, I was swimming in cash, had 3 hotels, and multiple houses. For the first time ever, I owned Boardwalk and Park Place, and built houses like it was going out of style

Alas, I landed on Community Chest and had to pay $115 for each hotel and $25 for each house. The total was around $700 or so. That pretty much cleaned out. After that I had to pay $200 to my sister because I landed on a property with a few houses. What a kick in the teeth. I had to mortgage a few properties and I was reeling

We took a break a little after to prepare dinner. It was pizza night again and my sister made the peorgie pizza again

When we resumed play she finally landed on Boardwalk and owed me $1700. Bankrupt city for her. Fireworks and cheers erupted as I won (well maybe not)

That’s why I like Monopoly – because it’s a game of chance and anyone can win. I guess there’s some strategy involved but mostly chance

By the way, we played with the “Speed Die” and it still took about 3 hours


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