It Happened On #72

Get ready for something you’ve never seen on my blog. Secure your socks, hat, or wig!

It’s a weekend edition of It Happened On the Canadian edition!

It happened on December 8 1869…Timothy Eaton, founder of the Eaton’s department store, opens his first shop at Yonge and Queen in Toronto, offering a ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ refund policy

Also on December 8 1879, McLean Gang goes on a rampage, killing John Ussher, a Kamloops policeman arresting them for horse theft, and James Kelly, a sheep herder

The gang was later trapped in a cabin near Douglas Lake and after a short siege, they surrendered. The gang was brought to trial and executed in a group hanging on Jan. 31, 1881

The McLean Gang consisted of Allan, Charlie and Archie McLean and Alex Hare. At the time they were killed, Allan was 24, Charlie and Alex 17, and Archie 15

Reading “horse theft” made me laugh. I guess in the 1870’s that was like car theft


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