It Happened On #75

I’m eating Excel Mints and I can’t stop. My breath does not stink but I’ve had 2 already. Probably have another once I’m done this post

It happened on December 11 1916…Saskatchewan votes to abolish liquor stores

Also on December 11 1911, Alberta brings in the first Motor Vehicles Act

The Act set a speed limit in towns and cities at 15 mph, and at 20 mph in less settled areas. Outside urban areas, drivers are required to slow down to 6 mph when approaching or passing pedestrians and horses, and to assist any horseman who required assistance

Drivers are also required to take out a license and must be over 16 if a male or over 18 if a female

I wonder why Canadian history has mph and not kph

The benefit of Canadian history is that the entries are very short

Now I’ll eat another Excel Mint


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