Journey To Understanding Depth of Field

Aside from playing Need For Speed Most Wanted, I read up on aperture and depth of field. Reading about it was easy but putting it into practise was another deal

I guess I really didn’t know what depth of field really was. I got a little confused with focusing on a subject. Don’t laugh

I was trying to focus on a subject in the foreground while keeping the background blurred. I put 3 subjects, each on a different plain, and changed the aperture from largest to smallest. I really couldn’t see the difference. I thought to myself “this is stupid! Whatever you focus in on will be in focus, and everything else won’t”. For a while, I blamed my camera, thinking it wasn’t doing its job. – i surely wasn’t the problem!

After taking many shots (if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again) , I finally got it. I had a moment where the light bulb turned on. I finally saw the difference and realized what field of depth really was. I was elated and jumped for joy, screaming hallelujah as angels descended from above. (Ok…maybe none of those events took place..)

Anyway, today was a productive day and I did what I planned on doing. It feels good to meet your goals!  I’ve added the photo that gave me that eureka moment


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