Ornaments Galore

My oldest sister, let’s call her sister A, went to Mexico to soak in and partake in the rampant drug trade (kidding…she’s on vacation)

She bought a 6 foot or so Christmas tree before leaving. It was featured on this blog. She didn’t want to purchase too many ornaments for the fear of it looking too tacky. She wanted the classy look

A few days ago, my other sister, sister B, and my brother in-law, took it upon themselves to buy more ornaments and tackify the Christmas tree. They bought ornaments that sister A and I had seen and passed up. “I want to add more over the years, not all at once” is what I believe she told me at the store

When sister B and my brother in-law showed me all the ornaments they got, I said “She’s gonna be pissed.” “She” being sister A

They didn’t heed my warning and proceeded to hang the ornaments. For the record, I warned them and didn’t take part in their schanigans. Ok, I might have hung 1 ornament – I forget

Point is “she’s gonna be pissed” when she gets back. There’s a 4 foot length of silver garland wrapped only around the top, the back end of the tree has noticeably less ornaments because “no one’s gonna see that side anyway”, and the tree has sparkly snow flake ornaments. Did I mention sister A doesn’t like sparkly things?

I’m sure I’ll somehow get blamed for this so if I don’t post after Thursday, please call the authorities. They might be able to recover what’s left of my body


6 thoughts on “Ornaments Galore

  1. yes, I do not like glittery ornaments! oh well, at least we re-organized the ornaments today so they’re evenly distributed. Thanks for warning them at least 🙂

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