Night At The Movies

Last night I watched Jack Reacher

The reviews said it was a mediocre movie, but I paid no attention to them. I wanted to find out for myself

I generally don’t like Tom Cruise films, but this one seemed pretty good. To tell you the truth, I really just wanted to see the real star of the movie; the Chevrolet Chevelle SS. It didn’t disappoint. The chase scene was great! I loved the way the Chevelle sounded. I haven’t seen a good car chase scene since Drive. Beautiful!

The rest of the movie was good too, but I didn’t buy Tom Cruise as the Jack Reacher character. His acting was good but he just didn’t have the presence a character like Reacher should have

All in all, it was a good movie. Go watch it

I also found out the movie is based on books by Lee Child. Apparently there’s a series of books with the fictional character Jack Reacher. I want to read them now


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