Christmas/Anniversary Party

This past Monday my sister and I baked some snacks for the Christmas/anniversary party we held. A batch of chocolate covered pretzels with toppings (peanuts, coconut and sprinkles) and blondie bars (thinks that’s what they were called – basically chocolate chip cookies with walnuts in a squares)

The pretzels were ok. I like soft pretzels better. I did 95% of the toppings and ate the cookie dough

The blondies were good too. Nothing to complain about there (except no one covered them at night so the few that were left over became hard the next day

My sister also made egg salad sandwiches which were pretty good but I think they would have been better without the crust

There was also Bruschetta but it had a lot of garlic so I didn’t try any. I’m sure it was good

We also had a lot of cake left over. That’s a bad thing because it’s damn good and I eat like 2 pieces every day

Of course I took some pictures of the baking session but I don’t have any pictures of the cake


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