On The Killing Floor

I started reading The Killing Floor a few days ago. It’s the first instalment in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. It’s pretty good so far (I don’t know what page I’m on because the digital copy doesn’t have page numbers – it has a percentage and I’m at 51%)

The book actually makes me look forward to bed time. I suppose I could read it during the day but where’s the fun in that?

For those who a curious, the Killing Floor is a floor in a slaughterhouse


4 thoughts on “On The Killing Floor

    • Did you like Life of Pi? I tried reading it a while ago but didn’t finish. I read less than 1/4 and stopped because I didn’t like it much

      The Killing Floor is a suspense/mystery thriller. A “who done it” type story

      • The first 40 chapters (I believe its 100 chapters) are extremely boring. I also almost gave up. It got better. It was decent but you can skip the first 40 chapters. I read the first page of Killing Floor. Might read more but i’m currently watching Person of Interest on the GO train.

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