Seeing Red

I got the new Taylor Swift album, Red. Yes, I said Taylor Swift. It’s actually not too bad. The only song I can really say I hate is We are never getting back together. That’s the only song I tend to skip over

I’m actually listening to it now. It’s a pretty decent album and will keep me occupied until Tegan and Sara’s album comes out at the end of this month. Can’t wait for that!


5 thoughts on “Seeing Red

    • Over here (western countries) she’s a pretty big deal although I didn’t really like any of her past songs

      Not having an About Me page offers me an air of mystery. It’s no fun when you know everything!

  1. You just lost a fan with my daughter because she can’t stand Taylor Swift! Lol …Maggie’s just upset because Taylor had been dating Harry from One Direction…I don’t like or dislike her (Swift, I mean 😉 )

      • Haha, ok I’ll tell her! You’re right, they only dated for…a month?…I think…Only reason she knows about them at all is because she wishes SHE was dating him! lol It was all over One Direction fan websites,etc. A whole lot of haters out there!! 😛 We were attempting to discourage her from jumping on that ugly ship of haters. 😉

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