I hated them. I like the idea of having a physical book, not a digital copy

I think I quite enjoy ereaders now. I started reading Killing Floor on my sister’s Kindle and i’ve grown to like it

I didn’t like the idea of ereaders because I thought it’d be akin to reading off a computer screen (which I hate and can’t do for long periods of time). Reading in the dark off a computer screen is even worse – I do most of my reading in my bedroom right before going to sleep. I have a Blackberry PlayBook and I can’t read off it for long periods – especially at night. I guess it’s ok during the day. I tried reading The Walking Dead comics on it and it didn’t go so well

I like the Kindle. Only drawback is it has no light so reading in the dark is impossible. I have a lamp that I use now and it works fine

Now I think I want an ereader of my own. I was looking at the Kobo-glo and Kindle Paperwhite. Both have built in lights so reading in the dark is possible. But I can’t bring myself to buying one since my sister’s Kindle works fine and she doesn’t even use it. Some hand-me-downs are great!


6 thoughts on “eReaders

  1. I asked my co worker which ereader he has. He has the kobo glow and he said he loves it. He also said the battery lasts him weeks, there is no lags in page turns and the brightness of the kobo glow even on the lowest setting is sufficient for night time reading.

    • Ya, but I heard the Kindle Paperwhite is better. Apparently the Kobo-glo’s light has a blueish tint and the Kindle is white. Problem is the Kindle isn’t available to Canadians yet. Might lose interest by then

  2. I’m reading killing floor. I’m on chapter 4. So far so good. Seems interesting. At the consumer electronics show. A company unveiled a color e-reader as thin as paper with 64000 colors.

    • Does it have a light? I was looking at the Kobo Arc and Kindle Fire but they’re basically tablets which means backlit…basically my PlayBook. I don’t mind black & white, but color would be mice for magazines and comics

  3. Um excuse me! How come I didn’t know you kept a blog??? Thanks for telling me! Ur horrible at keeping in touch with people!

    Now for the real reason I replied: u want a kobo mini? My friend has one that she’s willing to give to me…if she still has it

    • Um I told you about my blog. Remember the guest piece you wrote?

      YES!! I’m waiting for the Kindle Paperwhite to be released in Canada, but Kobo Mini will do for now. See if she still has it. Thanks!

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