The Story Of How The Elliptical Kicked My Rear End

Today I used the new elliptical for the first time and I have absolutely nothing major to complain about

I decided to use one of the easy programs (at least what I thought was easy) for 30 minutes. I figured because it has been a while since I used an elliptical, I should ease my way back in. I wanted to avoid having sore legs tomorrow morning

I grossly underestimated how easy the program was and my cardiovascular ability. After only 10 minutes I was ready to stop. My legs were screaming at me to stop. “10 minutes? Really?!? You have to do the full 30 minutes! You can’t quit on your first work out!” I said to myself

After I constantly insulted my manleyness, I finally finished my “easy” 30 minute stint on the elliptical. I was elated that it was finally over and that I actually finished it

My old elliptical didn’t have an adjustable incline and I’ve never used one (only on treadmill). The new elliptical does and it was a female dog! It thoroughly kicked my rear end. After 10 minutes, I was looking at the screen, hoping and wishing the incline would decrease. It didn’t. It went from 10 degrees to 20. It stayed at 20 degrees until there were 5 minutes left it the workout. Even then it didn’t drop to 0, it went to 15 degrees and stayed there. Fun

After that part of my workout, I had to rest and rehydrate. I then went on the treadmill for 35 minutes, then hit the weights

Today’s workout burned 470 calories, not including the weights (300 on elliptical and 170 on treadmill)

I decided I would use the manual setting on the elliptical, keeping the incline at 0 and adjusting the resistance only. Once I’m used to all that and becomes easy, I’ll start adjusting the incline. I also decided I would decrease the intensity and increase the time – hoping to do some fat burning instead of cardio

Other than the elliptical kicking my rear end, so far it’s great. So much so that I believe it deserves Tony the Tiger’s GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT! It’s very smooth and quiet. My only complaint is that my knees kept hitting the water bottle holder, but by the end they didn’t hit anymore. I just had to get used to the machine. Very minimal problem

Only time will tell of its durability. It will be used around 5 days a week


4 thoughts on “The Story Of How The Elliptical Kicked My Rear End

  1. LOL, felt good to finish, I’m sure!! I went to the gym and used the elliptical today too! 😀 I never use inclines. I had a hip injury in 2008 and I can’t do more than increase the resistance and keep it on manual. I did 5 minutes on the treadmill while I waited for the resolutioners to finish on the ellipticals ( 🙄 ) and then I did 25 minutes on one. I would’ve done 30 but my hip was really starting to hurt. How old-ladyish do I sound?! I’m 32 for goodness sake! 😛
    Anyway, glad you have your butt-kicker up and working! 😉

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